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Conference Report

IFLA News Media Conference Reviving the past and keeping up with the future – the libraries’ role in preserving and providing access to newspapers and news media, Hamburg, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Carl von Ossietzky, 20.-22.4.2016

Mary Feeney, The University of Arizona Libraries
Ulrich Hagenah, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky
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The report will be published (15.12.2016) in: Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie 63.2016, Nr. 5-6.

Papers and Slides

Name Title Download (PDF)
Askhita, Hasna Disinformation in News Reporting in the Current Crisis of Syria Paper | Slides
Boss, Katherine
Broussard, Meredith
Challenges Facing the Preservation of Born-digital News Applications Paper | Slides
Carner, Dorothy
McCain, Edward
Teaching Personal Digital Archiving to Journalism Students Paper | Slides
Corsini, Silvio Scriptorium : an Open Access Platform Dedicated to Digitized Newpapers Launched by the Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire – Lausanne Paper | Slides
Förster, Caroline Newspaper Digitization in Germany – Results and Perspectives of the German Research Foundation Pilot Scheme 2013-2015 Slides
Guercke, Olaf Retrodigitization and electronic presentation of the „Vorwärts” – a Workshop-Report Paper | Slides
Hermes-Wladarsch, Maria A Medium is Formed: User Experiences and Challenges Digitizing Historic Newspapers in Bremen State and University Library Paper | Slides
Hubrich, Jessica Visual Representations of Newspaper Information Paper | Slides
Kjærbo, Erling Digitization of the Faroese National Heritage Paper | Prezi
Lieder, Hans-Jörg Coordinating Newspaper Digitisation: Some Facts and Figures Paper | Slides
Luetgen, Michael
Wendt, Kerstin
How to Use Open Source in Digitization Projects – the Goobi Example Slides Luetgen
Slides Wendt
Meister, Jan-Christoph Keynote: Libraries as ‚Epistemological Agents‘ of Digital Humanities Slides
Moreux, Jean-Philippe Data Mining Applied to Heritage Digital Press Metadatas – What is Possible to Learn from an OLR Corpus? (without even Reading an Article from it) Paper | Slides
Neudecker, Clemens Who cares about yesterday’s news? Use cases and requirements for newspaper digitization Paper | Slides
Rautiainen, Juha Getting to Know Users of Digital Newspaper and Journal Library – What Can Statistics of Use Tell Us Paper | Slides
Risse, Thomas Improving the Freshness of Web Collections by Integrating Social Web and Focused Web Crawling Slides
Romero, Lisa Increasing Student Awareness of International News and Events Paper | Slides
Russell, Tim The Evolving, Yet Unique Landscape of the Developing World’s Newspaper Industry Paper | Slides
Steffen, Florian Lessons Learned in 7 Years of Newspaper Retro-digitization in Switzerland: How to Learn Lessons from Mistakes, how to Establish Models and Guidelines to Avoid Repeating them, how to Share the Lessons Paper | Slides
Steinke, Tobias Selective Web Archiving at the German National Library Paper | Slides
Syré, Ludger Retrodigitization of Historical newspapers – Workflow, Archiving and Presentation Paper | Slides
Wanger, Regina e-periodica.ch: the Platform for Digitised Swiss Journals Paper | Slides
Weichert, Stephan Keynote: The Quiet Death of the Paperboy. Or how the World of News Media is Trying to Catch up with Digitization
Zarndt, Frederick News metadata: Library and News Publishers Perspectives Slides
Zarndt, Frederick
Lawton, Pat
Moyer, Jeff
Catholic, Crowdfunded, and Collaborative: A Unique Approach to Newspaper Digitization Paper | Slides