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A Distant Mirror

A Distant Mirror

UntertitelArticulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism
SchriftenreiheBand 3 (Hamburg Buddhist Studies)
Herausgeber/inLin, Chen-kuo , Radich, Michael
Autor/inChoong, Yoke Meei ; Chu, Junjie ; Funayama, Toru ; Ho, Chien-hsing ; Kantor, Hans-Rudolf ; Katsura, Shoryu ; Keng, Ching ; Lin, Chen-kuo ; Moriyama, Shinya ; Muller, A. Charles ; Radich, Michael ; Yao, Zhihua ; Zamorski, Jakub ; Zimmermann, Michael
BeschreibungIn this book, an international team of fourteen scholars investigates the Chinese reception of Indian Buddhist ideas, especially in the sixth and seventh centuries. Topics include Buddhist logic and epistemology (pramāṇa, yinming); commentaries on Indian Buddhist texts; Chinese readings of systems as diverse as Madhyamaka, Yogācāra and tathāgatagarbha; the working out of Indian concepts and problematics in new Chinese works; and previously under-studied Chinese evidence for developments in India. The authors aim to consider the ways that these Chinese materials might furnish evidence of broader Buddhist trends, thereby problematizing a prevalent notion of “sinification”, which has led scholars to consider such materials predominantly in terms of trends ostensibly distinctive to China. The volume also tries to go beyond seeing sixth- and seventh-century China primarily as the age of the formation and establishment of the Chinese Buddhist “schools”. The authors attempt to view the ideas under study on their own terms, as valid Buddhist ideas engendered in a rich, “liminal” space of interchange between two large traditions.
  1. Foreword
    (Zimmermann, Michael)
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Introduction
    (Radich, Michael; Lin, Chen-kuo)
  4. Chinese Translations of Pratyakṣa
    (Funayama, Toru)
  5. Epistemology and Cultivation in Jingying Huiyuan’s "Essay on the Three Means of Valid Cognition"
    (Lin, Chen-kuo)
  6. The Theory of Apoha in Kuiji’s "Cheng weishi lun Shuji"
    (Katsura, Shoryu)
  7. A Comparison between the Indian and Chinese Interpretations of the Antinomic Reason (Viruddhāvyabhicārin)
    (Moriyama, Shinya)
  8. The Problem of Self-Refuting Statements in Chinese Buddhist Logic
    (Zamorski, Jakub)
  9. A Re-examination of the Relationship between the Awakening of Faith and Dilun School Thought, Focusing on the Works of Huiyuan
    (Keng, Ching)
  10. A Pivotal Text for the Definition of the Two Hindrances in East Asia: Huiyuan’s “Erzhang yi” Chapter
    (Muller, A. Charles)
  11. On the Notion of Kaidaoyi (*Avakāśadānāśraya) as Discussed in Xuanzang’s "Cheng weishi lun"
    (Chu, Junjie)
  12. Yogācāra Critiques of the Two Truths
    (Yao, Zhihua)
  13. Philosophical Aspects of Sixth-Century Chinese Buddhist Debates on “Mind and Consciousness”
    (Kantor, Hans-Rudolf)
  14. The Way of Nonacquisition: Jizang’s Philosophy of Ontic Indeterminacy
    (Ho, Chien-hsing)
  15. Divided Opinion among Chinese Commentators on Indian Interpretations of the Parable of the Raft in the Vajracchedikā
    (Choong, Yoke Meei)
  16. Ideas about “Consciousness” in Fifth and Sixth Century Chinese Buddhist Debates on the Survival of Death by the Spirit, and the Chinese Background to *Amalavijñāna
    (Radich, Michael)
  17. The Process of Awakening in Early Texts on Buddha-Nature in India
    (Zimmermann, Michael)
  18. About the Authors
  19. Index
Klassifikation (DDC)Religion, Religionsphilosophie
Freie SchlagwörterBuddhism , sixth century , seventh century , India , logic , epistemology , Madhyamaka , Yogācāra , tathāgatagarbha , Buddhist “schools” , China , Buddhismus , sechstes Jahrhundert , siebentes Jahrhundert , Indien , Logik , Epistemologie , Schulen des Buddhismus , China
ISBN (Print)978-3-943423-19-8
Bemerkungen565 pp., hardcover, 39,80 EUR.
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